German Receivers

This page lists German receivers. Currently only receivers which were produced after WWII and which are based on tube technology  are taken into account. The receivers are sorted by manufacturer.


The company was founded in 1923 in Berlin; the original name was "Ideal". The company produced headphones which were marked with a blue point as a sign of quality. This blue point became so famous that the name of the company was changed to "Blaupunkt" (which means "blue point" in German) in 1938. In 1932 "Ideal" produced the first specialized radio to be used in a car in Europe. Blaupunkt now  mainly produces car audio equipment.



Debeg ("Deutsche Betriebsgesellschaft für drahtlose Telegrafie mbH") was founded in 1911. Debeg was a company specialized in the area of radio communication and navigation equipment on seagoing vessels. In these days the famous name "Debeg" is used for marketing purposes only; the company has become a part of another bigger company.



The company Hagenuk ("Hanseatische Apparatebau-Gesellschaft Neufeld und Kuhnke") was founded in the city of Kiel in 1937. Nowadays HDW-Hagenuk is supplying electric and electronic ship equipment; communication with ships is still a part of their business.



Carl Lorenz started the company around 1870/80. In 1906 the C. Lorenz AG was formed. 1958 the C. Lorenz AG became part of the Standard Elektrik Lorenz AG (SEL). SEL was sold to Nokia in 1987/88.



RFT was the manufacturer of communication equipment in the former GDR. After the breakdown of the GDR RFT was bought by a major West German manufacturer and the production of RFT equipment was stopped.
Dabendorf AWE 
  Erfurt Typ 188
  Betriebsempfaenger 1340.21


Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz is a German company famous for its HF, VHF and UHF technology. The company was founded in 1933 by the physicists Dr. Rohde and Dr. Schwarz. Rohde & Schwarz is still active in the production of communication equipment.



Siemens is a huge company founded in the middle of the 19th century by Werner von Siemens. The original name was "Siemens und Halske" (see the logo). Siemens is not active in the area of HF radio communication any more.
E66a (E302)
 E303 (E305, E306)



The company of Telefunken was founded in 1903 by Siemens & Halske and AEG ("Allgemeine Elektrizitaets Gesellschaft"). Telefunken is probably the company among the German companies which has provided the greatest contribution to the development of radio communication equipment. An overview of the Telefunken history can be found on the Telefunken web page. "Telefunken SenderSysteme Berlin" is still active in the production of broadcast transmitters and antennas.
 E103 Aw
  E104 Kw
 E108 Lw
  E127 Kw