ILGRadio Broadcast Database Program GNPDB


The program GNPDB (program database) is intended to display the ILGRadio broadcast database. The program requires Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP; it will not work with Windows 3.11 or DOS.

GNPDB uses only standard Windows user controls; it therefore does not require any special OCX to be installed. It does however require DAO to be installed on the computer. The distribution archive of GNPDB is very small.

GNPDB may be used as a standalone program. The tuning functionality is however only available in conjunction with a suitable receiver control program (e.g. GNRX320 for the TenTec RX320 or GNCHR for the Siemens CHR 531).

The features of the program may be summarized as:

The current version of GNPDB is 1.67.

New features of version 1.67:

The program GNPDB may be used free of charge.

The ILGRadio database

The ILGRadio database is a compilation of shortwave broadcast transmissions.

For non commercial use the ILGRadio database is distributed free of charge.

The ILGRadio database files are available in “dbase“ and “text“ format. For use with the program GNPDB both file types are suitable. If you have problems importing a dbase file, try the text file version.

For further information and download see the ILGRadio home page.

New Installation

The package is distributed as a zip archive. Just extract the download file ( in an empty directory of your choice. That's all! You are now ready to start the control program gnpdb.exe.

If the program gnpdb.exe does not work properly (i.e. there are error messages or the program crashes), the reason is probably that DAO is not or not properly installed on your computer. In this case you have to install DAO. See below for the DAO installation.

Download GNPDB

Replacement of an existing Installation

This version 1.67 of GNPDB is compatible with version 1.66 and version 1.65 of GNPDB, however not with earlier versions.

If you currently have installed an earlier version of GNPDB than 1.65, you should delete the whole contents of the existing installation directory. Extract the download file ( in this directory. This completes the replacement.

If your current version of GNPDB is 1.66 or 1.65, delete all the files except the database files (*.mdb). If you have created your own predefined filters, you may also want to save the file gnpdb.dat which contains the predefined filters.  Then proceed as described above. If you have saved the file gnpdb.dat, replace the new file gnpdb.dat with your saved version.

Download GNPDB

DAO installation

As mentioned above, the program GNPDB requires Microsoft DAO (Data Access Objects) version 3.5 to be installed. If DAO is not installed on your computer, you may read the installation description and download DAODisk1, DAODisk2 and DAODisk3.

Installation Description for DAO

Download DAODisk1

Download DAODisk2

Download DAODisk3


Error messages, comments and suggestions regarding the program are very welcome!

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Last modification: 10/08/2005