Experimental DSP based Audio Signal Processor GNASP1


The program GNASP1 is an experimental version of a DSP based audio signal processor. The program requires Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP; it will not work with Windows 3.11 or DOS.

GNASP1 uses only standard Windows user controls; it therefore does not require special OCX or dynamic link libraries to be installed. As a consequence the installation is extremely simple and (hopefully) robust. The distribution archive is very small.

The program requires a sound card. A full duplex driver (i.e. a driver which allows simultaneous input and output) for this sound card must be installed. If you don't have a full duplex driver installed, the program will not work!

The program requires "sufficient" computing power. I use a 200 MHz Pentium processor.

The main features of the program may be summarized as:

The current version of GNASP1 is 1.10.
In this version some errors of the previous version 1.00 are corrected.

The program GNASP1 may be used free of charge.

New Installation

The package is distributed as a zip archive. Just extract the download file (gnasp110.zip) in an empty directory of your choice. That's all! You are now ready to start the program gnasp1.exe.

The Windows "Volume Control" program (sndvol32.exe) or a similar program must be used to choose the correct input ("line in") and output ("wave out") channel and set the record and playback levels.

Download GNASP1

Replacement of an existing Installation

If you have installed version 1.00 of GNASP1 on your system, just delete the whole contents of the installation directory and then proceed in the same way as described above.

Download GNASP1


Error messages, comments and suggestions regarding the program are very welcome!

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Last modification: 10/07/2005