Books & Magazines


Fred Osterman, "Shortwave Receivers Past and Present", 3rd edition, Universal Radio Research, Reynoldsburg, 1998, ISBN 1-882123-07-7
This is an excellent book. It is a "must" for everybody interested in communications receivers.

Raymond S Moore, "Communications Receivers, The Vacuum Tube Era: 1932 - 1981", 4th edition, RSM Communications,  La Belle FL, 1997, ISBN 0-9618882-4-5
An interesting book although no German boatanchors are described. In depth coverage of American boatanchors.

Rinus Jansen, "The RACAL Handbook", A Radio Bygones Publication, Published by G C Arnold Partners, Broadstone, 1993, ISBN 1-898805-00-8
This book covers most of the RACAL communications equipment starting from 1956 (Ra.17) up to 1975.

Bergmann-Rockschies-Spanknebel, "Eine kurze Geschichte der Funknachrichtenempfaenger in Funktionsplaenen (1929-1983)", 2. Auflage, Verlag Dr. Ruediger Walz, Idstein, 2002, ISBN 3-9802576-8-1
A very valuable book which describes  the development of communications receivers in the course of time via circuit diagrams. Many famous receivers are covered. In German.

Fritz Trenkle, "Die deutschen Funknachrichtenanlagen bis 1945" (Band 1 "Die ersten 40 Jahre"), Telefunken Systemtechnik GmbH, Ulm, 1989, ISBN 3-7785-1952-2
The best  book about German pre WWII radio communication equipment. In German. Out of print.

Fritz Trenkle, "Die deutschen Funknachrichtenanlagen bis 1945" (Band 2 "Der zweite Weltkrieg"), Telefunken Systemtechnik GmbH, Ulm, 1990, ISBN 3-7785-2034-2
The best  book about German WWII radio communication equipment. In German. Out of print.

Fritz Trenkle, "Die deutschen Funkpeil- und -Horch-Verfahren bis 1945", AEG-Telefunken AG, Ulm, 1981
A very interesting book dealing with German equipment in the area of radio direction finding and surveilance. In German. Out of print.

Gerhard B. Salzmann, "Kommerzielle Nachrichtengeräte von 1914 - 1945", edition 2000/2001, Weil der Stadt, 2000
A huge catalogue of German communication equipment covering the time until the end of WWII. No photos (except some photos of "Wehrmachtsröhren"). In German.

Günter Fietsch, "Nachrichtentechnik der Nationalen Volksarmee (Teil 1 Funkmittel und Antennen 1956 - 1990)", vth-Verlag, Baden Baden, 1993, ISBN 3-88180-318-1
This book covers the communication equipment (transceivers, transmitters, receivers, antennae) of the army of the former German Democratic Republic. In German. Out of print.

Rudolf Grabau, "Der materielle Aufbau der Fernmeldetruppe EloKa des Heeres 1956 bis 1975 (Band 2)", Fernmeldering, Bonn, 1994
This book describes the equipment used in military surveillance in the army ("Heer") of West Germany. In German.

Nils Schiffhauer, "Oldie KW Empfaenger", vth-Verlag, Baden Baden, 1987
An interesting book covering 36 receivers of different manufacturers. Among others some receivers of the German manufacturers Braun, Debeg, Rohde&Schwarz, Siemens and Telefunken are covered. In German. Out of print.

Rainer Lichte, "Kurzwellenempfaenger, Die Qual der Wahl", Wolfgang Scheunemann Verlag, Koeln, 1985, ISBN 3-922101-07-4
In German. Out of print.


Bimonthly magazine of the "Gesellschaft der Freunde der Geschichte des Funkwesens (GFGF)". In German.

Radio Bygones
Bimonthly vintage radio magazine published in the UK. There is an online version of this magazine; it can be bought and downloaded from the website The printed version can be subscribed at the website

The Hollow State Newsletter
A newsletter dealing mainly with American boatanchors like R-390(A), SP-600 etc. All the issues published so far are now available for free as pdf files on the website